Polish Sailor Sets New Record

Szymon Kuczynski arrives in Plymouth, UK, after non-stop circumnavigation.
Szymon Kuczynski
Record breaking Oceanic sailor Szymon Kuczynski returning to Mayflower Marina, Plymouth, UK. Courtesy of Mayflower Marina

Szymon Kuczynski, the Polish Skipper of Atlantic Puffin a 20ft, 10 inch yacht, secured a new world record for the smallest yacht to circumnavigate the globe singlehanded and unaided when he returned to Mayflower Marina in Plymouth, UK at 0829 GMT, Thursday 17th May.

Kuczynski, who originally set sail from Britain’s Ocean City of Plymouth on August 19th 2017, spent over 270 days, 10 hours and 29 minutes, alone at sea on board Atlantic Puffin over 29,000 nautical miles. In an incredible feat of skill and determination the solo sailor took a classic sea route round the three famous capes of Africa, Australia and South America, with no outer medical or technical support.

Kuczynski, who self-funded the single-handed sea journey, completed his round-the-world trip by passing his original start point at Plymouth Breakwater. The Atlantic Puffin then docked at Mayflower Marina where Kuczynski was welcomed by family, friends and supporters, many of whom traveled from Poland, including a TV crew from TVN channel. Also in attendance to honor Kuczynski’s achievement was Counsellor Janusz Wolosz of the Polish Embassy in London and Sarah Gibson, Chef Executive at Plymouth Waterfront Partnership.


Amanda Lumley, executive director of Destination Plymouth, said: “We’d like to welcome Szymon Kuczynski and his yacht Atlantic Puffin to Britain’s Ocean City and offer our congratulations on this outstanding world record. We are delighted Szymon chose the historic harbor of Plymouth to begin and end his epic voyage. Plymouth is recognized across the UK and world for its stunning and iconic waterfront and high quality, accessible harbors, which host thousands of visitors’ boats – large and small – every year. Szymon has followed in the footsteps of many famous seafarers who have set sail from Plymouth to circumnavigate the globe, including Sir Francis Chichester and Sir Francis Drake, and we hope he will enjoy a warm welcome here”.

Mayflower Marina
Szymon Kuczynski arriving at Mayflower Marina Courtesy of Mayflower Marina

In the last miles of his journey Kuczynski said “I feel great about finishing, even more so when I think of seeing familiar faces waiting for me in Plymouth! I have completed my plan and learned so much on this adventure, especially in the toughest times with strong winds and extreme weather conditions. No more than 300 people have sailed singlehanded round the world and only 80 sailors have achieved this solo and unaided, I am honored to be one of them. It was a very special moment to see Plymouth on the horizon as I completed by world record attempt. It felt like coming home. I want to thank everyone for the outstanding support; it has been an amazing experience.”

To learn more about Szymon Kuczynski, visit his website.


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