Passport Vista 545 CC: Best Full-Size Cruiser

The Passport Vista 545 CC is Cruising World's Best Full-Size Cruiser, 45 feet and above.

Passport Vista 545 CC

“You’d be hard pressed to find an equivalent yacht in this size range at twice the price.” -Ed Sherman Billy Black

Before the judges began to weigh the merits of the Passport Vista 545 CC, round-the-world voyager Alvah Simon delivered an impassioned plea to evaluate the boat from a slightly different sort of perspective.

“This is a high-quality boat,” he said. “I realize it sounds expensive initially, but think of resale value, aftermarket maintenance, and all the costs that are going to be incurred by a boat over the years. And also consider the time that many sailors sit in port waiting for parts. You can’t quantify what that is financially, but it’s an important point. And I don’t think that will be an issue here. I think with this Passport that you’re going to go sailing around the world and you’re going to really enjoy the voyage and the boat.”

Ultimately, the other judges agreed, which is why the 545 was the unanimous choice as the top Full-Size Cruiser, 45 Feet and Above, for 2012.


“Everything is of the absolute highest quality,” noted Beth Leonard. “Walking along the deck and down below, you’re just amazed by the attention to detail—the incredible louvered lockers and joinery work, the huge backing plates on every piece of deck hardware, the elegance of the curved shower stalls. It’s magnificent.”

Systems expert Ed Sherman said the theme carried over to features that were less obvious, as well. “The craftsmanship is outstanding, from the electrical panel to the valves and manifolds right down to the finish of the bilges. Of all the boats we inspected this year, there’s no question that this is the one with the highest potential as a true ocean passagemaker.”

Just add water.
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Winning Details
-The judges saw superb craftsmanship and fit and finish throughout, from hull construction to joiner work to systems to engine room.

-This boat is a true all-oceans and all-latitudes long-distance voyager.

-At $920,000, the Passport isn’t an inexpensive boat, but the workmanship, hardware, and overall quality constitute extremely good value.


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