Announcing the Best Pets Photo Contest Winner

Colter gets a crash pad.

September 1, 2010

“Can you pass the binoculars up?”

“Can you pass the binoculars up?” Stephanie Somerset

It sure wasn’t easy to pick the “Best Pet” photo from over 260 shots of all your loveable, furry crew members. But we had to pick one, and this shot of William & Catherine Zehner’s German Short-Haired Pointer, Colter, cruising aboard Bill Gavin and Stephanie Somerset’s Bristol 38.8, Terra Nova, off Panama City, Florida, edged out all the others because we could almost picture him calling down the companionway, “Can you pass the binoculars up?” like a member of the crew. He’s not even the only four-legged crew member. Rocky the Siberian Husky is lounging comfortably on a cockpit seat in the background as well.

****| |It was a tough decision, but Colter won the prize-a custom pet bed from FirstMate Pets.|

When he’s not out cruising, Colter is a certified therapy dog who spends 10 hours per month visiting patients at local hospitals, and he’s also been known to enjoy an occasional frisbee toss and chasing laser pointers.


But as you’ll see below, he was just one of many adorable pets on boats.

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