April 2005


April 5, 2005

edited by David W. Shaw
Classics at Brest; Ellen: what a Dame!; a big B.V.I. bash; celebrating Electa Johnson; Jimmy Cornell’s Letter from Aventura; and more

The Downside of Circumnavigating
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
For four happy years, this type-A sailor knew what to do and where to be, but closing the circle opened up a hole he’s still wondering how to fill

A Family Affair
Under Way by Jill Knight
A solo sailor struggles to accept that she’s not only a skipper but a grandma, too


Disability Disabled
Great Boat by Marc Zakian
It was only after a skiing accident left Mike Browne paraplegic that he took up sailing; the long-range boat that he and yacht designer Nic Bailey created is a testament to the spirit of moving on

You’ve Got Male
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
The AV technoweenies from junior high are all alive and well and talking on Winlink, reports one recent addition to their number



Two Voyagers in Darktime
by Phyllis Nickel
The indigo gloaming of Norway’s Arctic winter proves a magical backdrop for the explorations of a couple of transatlantic sailors

Wild on Superior
by Marlin Bree
North of the U.S. border, past Thunder Bay and along Ontario’s Lake Superior shoreline, one singlehander finds all the sailing wilderness he desired

A Splash of Reality
by William Dietrich
Not sure he’s ready to take the plunge into offshore sailing, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author decides rather to dip a toe and enroll in Mahina Expeditions’ school of voyaging


Dancing with New Partners
Yacht Style by John Rousmaniere
Owning Bolero, the 1949 Sparkman & Stephens legend commissioned by John Nicholas Brown, is one part privilege and one part sacred trust


Plastic Surgery
Maintenance by Bruce Bingham
A renowned designer and inveterate tinkerer shares his secrets for gelcoat repair in Part I of a series (Part II appears in June 2005)


Getting into Hot Water
Systems by Steve D’Antonio
Take a look behind the curtain at what makes that hot shower so good

Chilling Thoughts
Living Aboard by Michael N. Dietz
Plan your onboard air-conditioning system thoroughly

Getting Rid of the Rods
Projectsby Lyn Reynolds
Build a bimini without the web of metal tubing

Building a Better Companionway
Step-by-Step Refit by James Baldwin
Keeping out the rain, sea, and rascals while letting in people and air is a tall but achievable order. We’ve got some ideas


Closing the Feedback Loop
Boat Test by Steve Callahan
The Moorings 4000, deemed best overall import boat of the year by CW’s judges, benefited from the knowledge brought home by thousands of charter guests

The Wauquiez Joyride
Boat Review by Steve Callahan
With a displacement-to-length ratio of just over 130, the Wauquiez Centurion 40s is an ideal sport cruiser for a family or a couple of couples

Swedish and Sensible
Boat Review by Nim Marsh
From the island of Orust, Sweden’s boatbuilding hub, the Najad 332 is so logical you could negotiate it with your eyes closed

A Cutter Above the Rest
Classic Plastic by Andy O’Grady
The Cape George 40 is a quiet icon among the long-distance cruising fraternity


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