Barbara Marrett


August 9, 2007

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Friday Harbor, WA 98250
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$500-$800 depending on topic, plus expenses


Barbara Marrett is a contributor to Cruising World magazine and an entertaining lecturer and seminar leader with over 45,000 miles of offshore experience. She has cruised as far north as Norway and Alaska and as far south as Australia in a variets of boats. She is coauthor of The Offshore Cruising Handbood and Mahina Tiare, Pacific Passages. She is a USCG licensed captain, US SAILING ccertified instructor and an advisory board member of the National Women’s Sailing Association.

Author on cruising and exploring the Pacific from Alaska to Australia, Barbara has multi-media presentations on several topics, including:

Sailing Through Northern Europe: Gales, Low Bridges and Ancient History
Sail from Scotland to the remote Orkney and Shetland Islands before crossing the North Sea to beautiful Bergen in Norway. Cruise along the rocky Norwegian Coast into the Baltic to Copenhagen, Denmark, then to the Kiel Canal in Germany and on to the Netherlands and back across the North Sea up the Thames to London. We’ll discuss weather, navigation, provisioning information provided.


Caribbean Cruising
Sail among the British and US Virgin Islands to historical towns and unspoiled anchorages, visit the remote San Blas Islands and trade with the Cuna Indians before preparing to traverse the Panama Canal.

California’s Channel Island
Visit both the most popular Catalina Island anchorages and the most remote anchorages of the Northern Channel Islands Marine Park. Visit seal rookeries, bird colonies and explore the fascinating geography of these islands; often touted as the Galapagos of the North. Learn the secrets of anchoring in Santa Ana conditions, find out the best strategies for crossing the Santa Barbara Channel and learn how to take advantage of typical seasonal weather patterns.

Sailing to and Cruising the Hawaiian Islands
If you’ve ever dreamed of taking the summer off to sail to Hawaii and back, you won’t want to miss this presentation! Join us as we cross the Pacific then explore the best harbors and haul out facilities in Hawaii. We’ll talk about weather, routes, provisioning and checking into customs. Have a practical look at preparing for long distance ocean voyaging and self-sufficiency.


Landfalls of the Pacific
Sail from the Pacific Northwest through a hurricane to the Galapagos, Easter Island and Pitcairrn Island, then on to the Marquesas, Tuamotus and Society Islands.. Visit remote anchorages and villages in Fiji and then on to New Zealand. We’ll talk about weather, routes, provisioning and checking into customs. Have a practical look at preparing for long distance ocean voyaging and self sufficiency.

Provisioning like a Pro
What you need to know about galley systems, water, stoves and cooking fuels. Find out what fruits and vegetables possess the greatest shelf-life aboard, what staples to take, and what to leave behind. Stunning slides and fascinating stories from a variety of boats in exotic and familiar locations, based on ten years of cruising in hot and cold climates with and without refrigeration.

Cruising from a Woman’s Point of View
An entertaining and informative lecture based on personal experience and observations of hundreds of cruising couples and crews on boats ranging in size from 31′ – 65′. Find out how to address issues like fear, control, and lack of confidence. Learn how crews and couples can work together to create a mutually rewarding cruising experience even if one is reluctant.


Circumnavigating Vancouver Island
Beautiful slides and fascinating lecture help prepare you to enjoy your trip up the Inside Passage and around Vancouver Island. Discussions of distances, currents, tides, weather and navigational hazards, recommended charts and cruising guides are include din this introduction to one of British Columbia’s last wilderness cruising areas.

Cruising Intriguing Places/Surviving Small Spaces
Anyone who has contemplated living aboard and cruising to fascinating places or simply living in confined quarters, won’t want to miss this presentation.


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