Bernadette and Douglas Bernon

Self-made bluewater voyagers sharing eccentric tales of world cruising

October 11, 2007


She was the editor of Cruising World magazine, he was a psychologist/psychoanalyst in private practice, when they bought a 39-foot Shearwater cutter named Ithaka, quit their jobs, sold their house, and set off on the cruising adventure that would change their lives. At first it seemed they’d have to learn everything the hard way, but in the six years that followed, Bernadette and Douglas Bernon sailed Ithaka from Newport, Rhode Island, up to Canada, then down to the Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Panama, the San Blas Islands, and Colombia. Join them, step by step, through the laughter and tears, the magnificent landfalls, the fears, the boa constrictor in the cockpit, the crocodile that ate an outhouse, the joys, the excitement. They’ll answer your questions, introduce you to the interesting characters they met along the way and the spectacular landfalls of paradise. Inspiring and entertaining, the Bernons show you that if they can cut the ties to land and set off on a grand adventure, you can do it, too.

Slides, lecture, Q&A, 2 hours, with Bernadette and Douglas

Upon request


[email protected]
(401) 293-0846.


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