Beth A. Leonard and Evans Starzinger

Circumnavigators, authors, and frequent CW contributors specializing in how-to topics on voyaging

October 10, 2007


After completing a three-year, 35,000-mile circumnavigation aboard their Shannon 37, Silk, in 1995, Beth and Evans spent four years ashore building a dedicated “expedition boat” for high latitude cruising. They have sailed
their 47-foot aluminum Van de Stadt Samoa, Hawk, more than 50,000 nautical miles. Their second voyage has taken them from the Arctic Circle to Cape Horn, under all five of the Great Southern Capes and included a nonstop, 9,000 nautical mile eastabout Southern Ocean passage from the Beagle Channel to Perth, Australia.

Beth’s first article appeared in Cruising World in 1993, and both Beth and Evans continue to contribute regularly.

Beth has written three books: The Voyager’s Handbook, Following Seas, and Blue Horizons. Beth’s slide shows about their voyages combine lyrical prose with top quality photographs and share insights into the history and environment of the places they visit as well as recounting the emotional journey that accompanies the physical one.


Evans and Beth also speak on a variety of how-to topics including budgeting for a voyage, sail handling for larger boats, and heavy weather management.

Descriptions of both the slide shows and seminar topics can be found on their website.

See website.


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Beth A. Leonard
Evans Starzinger
27 Drumlins Terrace
Syracuse, NY 13224
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