Boat-Building Campaign: Fund-Raiser Exceeds Halfway Mark

Coast Guard Cadets get help from Morris Yacht and Dave Pedrick design for a new training fleet. "Shoreline" from our August 2010 issue

Leadership 44 368

For years, the cadets at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy had to make do with sharing four aging 44-foot Luders sail-training yawls. But thanks to an ambitious fund-raising campaign, the C.G.A. Leadership 44 Capital Campaign, the cadets have something to look forward to: a fleet of eight new cutter-rigged sloops created by box-office names in the world of yachting, the renowned naval architect David Pedrick and Morris Yachts of Trenton, Maine.

So far, the academy and various supporting partners have raised more than half of the campaign's $6.4 million goal, with the first boat-each boat has a projected cost of $800,000-scheduled for launching by the end of 2010.
The new Leadership 44, with contemporary lines, a simplified rig, and an improved sail plan, promises to be a perfect match for the cadets; best of all, each of the academy's eight companies will have access to and responsibility for its own boat. To support the C.G.A. Leadership 44 Capital Campaign, log on to the website.

Sue Fennessey