August 2005


August 2, 2005

edited by David W. Shaw
Transatlantic rallies, Westlawn’s diamond anniversary, Antarctica tragedy, People and Food, and more

Jah Will Provide
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Between voyages and with scarce funds to squander, Fatty finds it helpful to appeal to a higher being

Floating Down the Northern Summer
Passage Notes by Andy O’Grady
Long days and spectacular mountains make up for the cold nights and the polar bears of Labrador’s lonely coast


How Much Is Enough?
Log of Ithaka by Bernadette Bernon
If you were faced with a question of your money or your life, which would you choose?


Secrets Revealed
Vacations Under Sail: Spanish Virgin Islands by Herb McCormick
With the U.S. Navy gone, Vieques and Culebra are a pair of islands such as the Caribbean hasn’t seen for decades


Sailing into the Not-So-Distant Past
Vacations Under Sail by Ralph Naranjo
It isn’t far from Lake Michigan’s Traverse City to Beaver Island, but the historical range is strangely vast

Voyage to Geezerville
Vacations Under Sail by Angus Phillips
For a band of newly minted sexagenarians, southwest Florida offers an idyllic mix

Charter Address Book
Vacations Under Sail by Kathy Gregory
We’ve gathered the latest contacts for charter bases around the world


In Bogie’s Wake
Yacht Style by Dieter Loibner
Built in 1934 and cherished for 12 years by Humphrey Bogart, the schooner Santana is now enjoying a well-deserved renaissance


Step by Step from Coast to Coast
Voyaging by Captains Pat and John E. Rains
In the first of a two-part series, we examine the latest stepping stones and stumbling blocks from Key West through Pacific Panama


Doing the Chart Download
Navigation by Alex Blackwell
Free NOAA charts for the U.S. coastline are just the beginning of what’s available in the age of electronic charting

Gelcoat Detachment and Sub-gelcoat Voids
Maintenance by Bruce Bingham
In the last of our three-part series on gelcoat repair, we tackle two tricky situations

Building a Better Circuit Breaker
Electrical Systems by Ed Sherman
Digital switches and circuit breakers are beginning to replace mechanical circuit protection, but the standards organizations have yet to weigh in on these clever devices


A Value Proposition
Boat Test by Alvah Simon
Find out why the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40.3 won CW’s 2005 Best Value award

A European Union
Boat Review by Tom Prior
The new Dufour 385 draws all its strength from an impressive Franco-Italian alliance

Nice ‘n’ Easy
New Products by David W. Shaw
This month’s featured gear–rigid inflatable dinghies, a set of nesting pots, a wireless searchlight, and an automatic windlass control–takes the bother out of shipboard chores


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