December 2005


December 5, 2005

edited by Elaine Lembo
Grenada’s post-Ivan recovery, Captain Nat’s Reliance revisited, People and Food, and more

Many Happy Returns
Under Way by Webb Chiles
He’d done many things over his lifetime of
voyaging and living aboard, but returning to the boat from someplace else was seldom one of them

Sharks by the Bowl Full
Passage Notes by Gwen Hamlin
Diving Fakarava’s remote south pass is a Tuamotus thrill that’ll put you face to face with the local sharks


It’s About Respeck, Mon
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
It’s worth going to Port Antonio, Jamaica, just to meet the matriarchs of the open-air food stalls who rule the roost


The Sea Gypsy’s Guide to the Oceans
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
If you don’t have a big wallet to take you around the world, then you’ll have to sail a little differently from those who do


Rivers That Reach Back into Time
by Jane Gibb
If Trinidad is still on the Caribbean cruisers’ Main Street, then Venezuela’s Peninsula de Paria, with its intact indigenous cultures, is the open frontier

A New Dynasty for Ta Yang
Yacht Style by Kenny Wooton
The Tayana 64 Deck Salon takes this longtime Taiwan boatyard into a new era based on Western building practices

Fathers and Daughters
by Herb McCormick
Three mates and their four girls take a spin through the B.V.I. on a big cat


Winter Getaways for Fathers, Daughters, and Every Other Charterer
by Elaine Lembo
From Grenada to Florida, we offer a listing of the season’s best deals in sailing vacations


Time to Put on the Brakes
Boathandling by Beth A. Leonard
Boat speed is all well and good until you’ve got too much of it


Sailing in Slow Motion
Seamanship by Beth A. Leonard
While heaving to has its uses in heavy weather, sometimes forereaching is the better bet

A Drogue Above the Rest
Voyaging by Hal Roth
Recent studies show that in big seas, a series of smaller drogues can be better than a single large one

A Trip South Goes Down with the Para-chute
Offshore Sailing by Ashley Butler
During a winter blow in the North Atlantic, the learning curve with a sea anchor turns destructive


Convertible, Fast, and Fun
Boat Test by Alvah Simon
The Maine Cat 41, a daggerboard cat with an open bridgedeck, is designed for quick island-hopping

Compulsively Creative
Boat Review by Dieter Loibner
The German-built Dehler 47 is designed by Judel/Vrolijk & Co. and built for speed

Weapon of Mass Production
Boat Review by Dieter Loibner
The Bavaria 42 Cruiser marks a new direction for this prolific German boatbuilder

The Imelda Effect Meets the Cruising Set
New Products by Elaine Lembo
If your notion of deck shoes stops with moccasin soles and leather tassels, then
welcome to the world of resin-infused footwear


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