<i>Gipsy Moth IV</i> Headed to Sydney

Commemorative circumnavigation resumes following vital repairs in New Zealand

Gipsy Moth IV

Temporarily back in action, Gipsy Moth IV enjoys a grand sendoff from Auckland Harbor June 23.Uksa

After running aground on a reef in French Polynesia in May, Gipsy Moth IV is fully repaired and headed toward its next destination, Sydney, Australia.

The 53-foot ketch underwent major repairs to its starboard hull in Auckland, New Zealand. On June 23, escorted by naval training yachts, a vintage aircraft, and the arcing plumes of local firefighting tugs, Gipsy Moth IV sailed out of Auckland Harbor, but was later-and somewhat less ceremoniously-loaded onto a freighter for shipment to Sydney.

Under the auspices of the United Kingdom Sailing Academy (UKSA), Gipsy Moth IV is completing a two-year voyage commemorating Sir Francis Chichester's record-breaking 1966-1967 circumnavigation. At each port along the way, a new three-member crew--many of whom are British students disadvantaged by poverty, learning disabilities, or cancer--joins Gipsy Moth IV's captain, first mate and second mate to assist in the everyday operation and maintenance of the boat and conduct oceanographic research. After the mishap in the South Pacific, UKSA dismissed skipper Antonia Nicholson and first mate Chris Bruce.

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