January 2006

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January 12, 2006

edited by Elaine Lembo
Newport’s 12-Meter fleet, coming of age in Samoa, People and Food, the latest on anchoring in Miami Beach, isolated Minerva Reefs, deep-freeze delivery, and more

No Worries, Mate!
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
The big difference between an old salt and a first-timer is this: A neophyte worries that something on the boat will break at sea; the seasoned sailor knows it

Saved by Saints on a Space-Age Island
Letter from Aventura by Jimmy Cornell
Ascension island in the South Atlantic Ocean is a bastion of high-tech topography, and with its free-range livestock, it’s a doubly odd sight for voyagers on a pit stop


The Yin and Yang of Life Aboard
Passage Notes by Liz Shaw
For many cruising couples, the world outside is eclipsed by the world within

Proverbial Wisdom
Log of Ithaka by Douglas Bernon
The members of the International Flat Earth Research Society don’t know what they’re missing by refusing to peer beyond the horizon to a cherished destination



Crunching the Numbers
by Herb McCormick and Tim Murphy
After 26 boats and eight days of inspections, find out why the Morris 42 and the Hallberg-Rassy 62 came away with top honors in Cruising World’s 2006 Boat of the Year awards

Sinning and Grinning Through French Polynesia
by Elaine Lembo
Not even a trip to Maupiti’s church can make these flotilla sailors straighten up and fly right

Attacked by Pirates
Special Report by David W. Shaw
A piracy attempt between Yemen and Somalia last March teaches a host of lessons about maintaining your own security when you’re living off the grid



Bring ‘Em Back Alive
Seamanship by Ralph Naranjo
The recent drowning of an experienced delivery skipper and a symposium exploring man-overboard recovery techniques high-light the leading risks and the best responses

Foot Off and Power Up
Boathandling by Niki Perryman
For voyaging boats, the shortest trip to a destination may require bearing off but sailing faster


Riddles in the Sands
Coastal Cruising by Alastair Buchan
The shifting, circuitous waters of Germany’s East Frisian coast are the sleuthing grounds for this fan of Erskine Childers’ famous spy thriller

Welcome to Officialdom
Voyaging by Lin Pardey
Reaching a calm new anchorage would be all well and good if it weren’t for those testing encounters with unfamiliar governments


Buyers Beware
Gear Review by Evans Starzinger
We examine the latest Seven Seas Cruising Association report on what worked best aboard full-time cruising boats

Coming, Going, and Walking Away
New Products by Mark Pillsbury
Aboard your sailboat, the daily priorities are a rolling combination of movement and stability

English Channel Charmer
Classic Plastic by John Kretschmer
The sweet Nicholson 35, of which some 200 were built in England between 1971 and the mid-1980s, is at home on the high seas


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