July 2006

From our July 2006 issue.

July 3, 2006

Classics race off County Cork, Ireland; Roatan Rose confesses; BOTY seeks woman judge; chocolate cake fit for the tropics, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

The Hell & Heaven of Makemo
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Having spent his childhood dreaming of the perfect Pacific atoll, Fatty was ripe for a jarring wake-up call named Makemo

Planning Around Piracy
Letter from Aventura by Jimmy Cornell
Bluewater passagemakers have more options for avoiding pirate attacks than they may realize


The Relax-and-Enjoy Thing
Passage Notes by Elaine Lembo
For all that’s changed over the last decade in the British Virgin Islands, cruisers and charterers still converge over the relax-and-enjoy thing

The Earth is Your Mother
Log of Ithaka by Bernadette Bernon
Whether it’s in a landfill or on the windward side of an island, our garbage increasingly compromises Mother Earth



Join the Cat Crowd
by Jeremy McGeary
Sleek and fast or stylish and comfortable, there’s a catamaran for nearly every cruising style and budget

Why Cruise on a Cat?
by Sue Hacking

How to Herd a Cat
by Todd Scantlebury



A Wedding in Menorca
by Liza Copeland
A family wedding in the Balearic Islands is the hook for a transatlantic voyage and a cruise in the western Mediterranean

Don’t Let Fundy Faze You
by Sally Cummings
Sign on for a Fundy Flotilla, a cruise in company from southern Maine to either New Brunswick’s St. John River or the Nova Scotia shore


Devil’s Hole
by Ferenc Mate
The turbulent depths of this dangerous pass in coastal British Columbia waters is the setting of a page-turning excerpt from Ghost Sea, the first novel by a well-known author of nautical works


Fickle Fortunes in the Foul 40s
Voyaging by Beth A. Leonard
Each of the Hawk’s passages has a distinct personality and rhythm, and this one-the start of a kitty-corner run across the Pacific to British Columbia-is a real stinker

The Other Hurricane Alley
Seamanship by Captain Patricia Miller Rains
Strategies and harbors abound for sailors who’ll explore the eastern-Pacific coasts of Mexico and northern Central America during hurricane season

A Mooring Fit for an Atoll
Boathandling by Jimmy Cornell
A veteran voyager devises a mooring technique that will prevent a boat from being blown onto a dreaded lee shore during a tropical squall


Spacious and Seaworthy
Boat Test by Jeremy McGeary
Whether it’s luxurious coastal cruising or going deep sea in style, the Beneteau 523 delivers those-and then some

Like Poetry in Motion
Boat Review by Tim Murphy
With its sumptuous interior and sleek exterior, everything about X-Yachts’ X-46 speaks to performance

Designed for Distant Horizons
Boat Review by Nim Marsh
From an island off Sweden’s western coast comes the stable, sturdy Malo 40

Take Two on a Nesting Dinghy
New Products by Mark Pillsbury
Two dinghy halves are better than one, an antenna that delivers XM Satellite Weather, a bulletproof handheld VHF, warning systems for what lurks in the bilge, wind-blocking sunglasses, and more


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