October 2006 Table of Contents

From our October 2006 issue

September 19, 2006

Fame in photos, a Jamaican waypoint, wooden boats Down Under, a restoration plan revived, Annapolis seminars, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

In Slocum’s Wake
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
What? Fatty was a solo sailor? Well, once–sort of

Bound Across the Stream
Short Story by Melanie Neale
New challenges along a familiar course teach the subtleties of crew responsibility


Dale Nouse: 1921-2006
Editor Profile by Dan Spurr
Work and wit stand by a former CW editor to the very end

Crossing the Void
Under Way by Tere Batham
Heading northeast from New Zealand, a stormy battle through the vast, empty Pacific wilderness leads to a rewarding South Seas destination

Slow Boats to Bermuda
Passage Notes by Andrew Burton
Traditional cruising boats, not to mention mealtime, were the big favorites of the centennial Newport-Bermuda Race


Bread and Circuses
People & Food by Geraldine Foley
A gale blows, then comes the reward: bacon, eggs, and potato bread cooked up by the captain

My Name Is Lisa
Log of Ithaka by Bernadette Bernon
The story of Lisa Harris, an acclaimed San Blas mola maker, adds a cross-cultural resonance to the notion that a woman’s work is never done



Lure of the Labrador
A northbound dash must be truncated, but it doesn’t stop an exploration of uncharted territory
by Myron Arms

A Lot of Help from Her Friends
Special Report by Alvah Simon
Help flooded in when the famous Gipsy Moth IV hit a reef. So did the questions

Part I from a new book sets up a showdown between Hurricane Lenny and three sailboats
by John Kretschmer


The Island Beyond Avalon
On a cruise to the Channel Islands, the captain manages to turn off the noise inside his head
by John Burnham

Flying Home
Columbia, the 1899 America’s Cup defender, is the latest subject captured by painter John Mecray
by Andrew Burton

Florida’s French Connection
Yacht Style by Herb McCormick
Joel Potter’s pure American; his new Amel 54 is all French. The fit? Tres bon!


Where to Cruise First
Routing by Jimmy Cornell
North American sailors looking for a single-season escape a bit off the beaten track might take two suggestions from a cruising guru: a summer cruise to Spitsbergen and a Bahamian-Central American circle

Cruising Budgets That Work
Living Aboard by Beth A. Leonard
Three cruising kitties illustrate different ways you can voyage, whatever your lifestyle and vessel

Seven Steps to Planning Your Escape
Voyaging by Webb Chiles
He’s circumnavigated four times, and he wasn’t rich or sponsored, so his plan may work for you, too

An Orderly Transfer of Power
Monthly Maintenance by Steve D’Antonio
With a modest investment of time and attention, your engine belts will keep turning smoothly


61 New Models Make Boat-Show Debut
Showcase 2007 by Jeremy McGeary
From whimsical to pragmantic, there are scores of new boats form which to score a new boat

New Sails for the Old Boat
Sailcloth by Jeremy McGeary
You choose the fabric to dress up your deck wardrobe

The Well Is Never Dry
Watermakers by Chuck Husick
Seawater becomes potable when the salt’s removed. Here’s how the process, called reverse osmosis, works in these onboard systems

Touch-and-Go Plotting
Electronics by Captain Chris Kelly
Just-out electronic chart displays let you plan your trip and sail your course with the touch of a finger–or a few well-chosen words


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