Tikopia Canoe Project Seeks Funding

In an effort to build two sailing canoes for the inhabitants of a remote island in French Polynesia, veteran yacht designers James Wharram and Hanneke Boon have launched a fundraising campaign.

James Wharram built a successful yacht design business by mimicking the designs of ancient Polynesian sailing canoes. Now, 50 years after making his first voyage aboard his self-built 23-foot double canoe, Tangaroa, Wharram is trying to give back to the tradition that inspired his life's passion.

With design partner Hanneke Boon, Wharram is raising funds to build two authentic sailing canoes for the inhabitants of Tikopia, an island in French Polynesia. The canoes would provide a much-needed means of transportation for the islanders, and could also help reestablish Tikopia's canoe-building culture.

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