December 2003 Table of Contents

December 8, 2003

Under Way
19 Doldrum Demons Begone!
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Becalmed on passage from the Maldives to Chagos, the crew of Wild Card take what they like from racing?the lay-day mentality?and leave the rest

Point of View
21 Isabel vs. His One True Love
by Angus Phillips
LL Beam, the queen of the family fleet, fared fine during Isabel’s blow to the Chesapeake, but the master succumbed to a case of undying devotion

Great Boat
23 Persuaded by a Little Persistence
by Marlin Bree
Epoxy blobs stuck in his hair and on his clothes, but the author’s first effort yielded a 20-foot, cold-molded, centerboard sloop that’s survived 95-knot winds on Lake Superior


Passage Notes
27 Mama Sang Tenor
by Bernadette Bernon
This jamboree of cruiser-musicians in the Bay Islands of Honduras hummed merrily along until a low-pressure system moved in

People and Food
33 Whisked Away
by Geraldine Foley
They had to court favor from officialdom to get back their stash of Black Bush, yet these sailors also scored a secret recipe for a delectable whiskey tart

Log of Ithaka
Behind Every Cruiser
by Douglas Bernon
For every sailor far from home, there’s a corps of shoreside friends willing to interrupt hectic days to pull marinized rabbits from foul-weather hats



34 South to the Screaming 60s

by Peter Lane Taylor
Part I: The crew of Gambo, an aging 46-foot steel ketch bound for the Antarctic Peninsula, finds sailing the 4,800 high-latitude miles to South America a mind-bending, yet inspiring, experience


40 Julia and the Whirlpools

by Jonathan Raban
For the author’s 10-year-old bookish daughter, Julia, a two-week cruise among the Canadian Gulf Islands spawns a passion for tidal currents and used-book stores

45 In and Out of Slocum’s Wake


by Guy Bernardin
A BOC Challenge veteran turns his back on high-tech, takes his family around the world on a replica of Captain Joshua’s Spray, and sorts out the mysteries of this legendary vessel

50 Of Apprehension and Archipelagos

by Jill Knight
Misgivings arrive along with the guest when the skipper’s accustomed to solo sailing?in this case, among the Australian islands off Queensland

Offshore Forecasting
54 Weather To Go in 30 Minutes
by John Harries
Modern communication tools, the right software, and plenty of practice bring reliable forecasts within reach anywhere in the world

Hurricane Season
60 Surviving a Bout with Big Bad Marty
by Jerry King
The farther north sailors head during storm season in the Sea of Cortez, the safer they usually are?until Marty came along

66 The New Tools of Forecasting
by Bill Biewenga
With readily accessible real-time weather data, including that gathered by cell phone while under way, cruisers can look beyond the horizon and log safer, more efficient passages

Weather Routing
72 Shining a Light on Routing Services
by Bill Biewenga
Once reserved for ocean racers and commercial ships, today’s professional routers offer a range of affordable forecast packages for cruising sailors

NOAA Meteorologists
76 The Faces Behind the Forecasts
by Ralph Naranjo
The team from the Ocean Prediction Center creates reliable data for ocean passagemakers using high-tech tools and firsthand experience

82 Going Aloft?Safely!
by Bill Biewenga
Correct equipment and solid technique are the mainstays for your ascent to those priceless waterfront views


Boat Test
86 Back to the Future
by Ralph Naranjo
The revamped, trailerable Telstar 28 folding trimaran is a thoroughly modern rendition of a 30-year-old idea

Boat Review
89 Forty Feet for the North Cape
by Jack Somer
From the Netherlands comes the Noordkaper 40, a rugged steel vessel with the soul of a tugboat

Boat Review
90 The Ferragamo Touch
by Ralph Naranjo
Whether cruising or racing, the Frers-designed Swan 45 combines Finnish quality with Italian flair

New Products
91 Safety Consciousness
by Jeremy McGeary
Every man for himself, with a little help from this collection of gear and equipment

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