April 2008


March 12, 2008


A Reciprocal Heading
The saga of world voyager Jimmy Cornell was coming to a clear turning point, but that storm passed, and Aventura III is still under way
by Herb McCormick

A Canal Transit, a Ticking Clock
Three generations meet head-on aboard the westbound 35-footer Shangri La, and the trip’s not even halfway done
by Tania Aebi


A Maine Beauty Takes Flight
Yacht Style: Down East boatbuilding artisans reach new heights on Wings of Grace, a Chuck Paine design
by Jeremy McGeary


Thoughts from a snorkeler’s world, a toast to a defunct beach bar, boat names, good books, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo


On Watch
Dicey moments at sea are when sailors learn to take charge
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Short Story
A daysail on the bay sheds new light on the apartment rental ashore
by Melanie Neale

Point of View
She told this 34-year-old that he was too old, so he went to sea and found youthful adventure
by Colin Rudd


Onboard Living
Author Kim Hess engages two passions: yoga and sailing
by Melanie Neale

Cruising Connections
Living aboard doesn’t mean you can’t maintain close ties to your family, friends, and career
by Amanda Swan Neal

Makeovers & Refits
The whimsy of Carnival comes alive in the deck colors of this old ketch
by Antonia Murphy


People & Food
Without a freezer, cheese can still be a lasting crowd pleaser
by Antonia Murphy

Osprey’s Flight
Casting for fish can make for drama on the deck of a sailboat, a locality renowned for its clutter
by Wendy Mitman Clarke


Do Your Bare Bottom a Favor
Projects: The paint’s stripped–now eradicate blisters and apply a barrier coat
by Ken Textor

Matching Charge & Demand
Systems: Three boats and three crews monitor electrical usage to manage their daily needs
by Beth A. Leonard

Easy Reefing Tips
Seamanship: To reduce strain, heave to or head downwind before attempting this maneuver
by Andrew Burton

A Shortcut Across Florida
Voyaging: These cruisers head for home along the Okeechobee Waterway
by Ed Paglee

A Tech-Savvy Retiree Organizes Her Life
Living Aboard: A cruising grandma packs a PDA to stay afloat and abreast
by Kitty Bennett

A Simple Valve
Monthly Maintenance: Anti-siphon valves, which block the natural flow of water into the boat, are good insurance
by Steve D’Antonio

Raising the Roof
Backyard Warrior: Heaving a massive cabin atop the hull is exciting work–for weight lifters.
by Ben Zartman


A Sporty Coastwise Quartet
Boat Review: The Etap 28s, Delphia 33, Hunter 36, and Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i hit the right notes, monetarily and otherwise.
by Herb McCormick

Island Trader 41: Shapely and Seaworthy
Classic Plastic: This roomy, bulletproof ketch remains the choice of some far-ranging cruisers.
by Val Doan

Keep Cool on the Water
New Products: A hatch screen, an 8-horse outboard, a portable pump, and more
by Andrew Burton


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