August 2009


July 16, 2009


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Chartering 2009
Wherever you want to sail on vacation, ideal destinations, boats, special offers, and good times lie awaiting.


On One Boat, Three Stories Unfold
Anyone who’s gone on charter can relate to this scenario: a single boat, severeal crew- and multiple agendas

  • The Good, The Bad, and the Cranky by Herb McCormick
  • Cranky? No Way! by Angus Phillips
  • The Truth-Nothing But by Elaine Lembo

2009 Charter Address Book
by Kathy Gregory

Deals to Keep You Sailing in 2010
by Elaine Lembo


High-Latitude Love Affair
Ken Murray is a man defined not by limitations but by the reach of his cruising ambitions and by his relationships
by Beth A. Leonard


On Watch by Cap N’ Fatty Goodlander
Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo
Off Watch: Osprey’s Flight by Wendy Mitman Clarke


Sailing Life

Under Way by Herb McCormick
Short Story by Melanie Neale
Point of View by Matts G. Djos
Passage Notes by Stacey Collins
People and Food by Elaine Lembo



The Sun’s Out, So power Up
Electonics: Solar chargers juice gadgets
by Kitty Bennett

Bavaria 38 Cruiser
Boat Review: This production model features handsome styling
by Jeremy McGeary

Grand Soleil 43
Boat Review: A racing pedigree gets giftwrapped in a cruising package
by Herb McCormick

Grampian 30
Classic Plastic: It’s a lot of boat for the price
by Bryan Allen

A Better Mousetrap?
New Products: Solutions for light wind, fouled anchors, and deck stowage
by Bill Springer

Hands-On Sailor

A Big Job Pays Dividends
Projects: The Benefits outweighted the onerous task: replacing water tanks
by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Walk the Passerelle
Seamanship: An alumninum ladder and a bit of elbow grease result in a fine gangplank
by Bill Seifert

Beat Condensation
Backyard Warrior: Memories of a wet sole on his first boat led to this insulation project
by Ben Zartman

Diesel Dos and Don’ts
Monthly Maintenance: Follow these guides to prevent and handle fuel contamination
by Steve D’Antonio


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