February 2010


January 7, 2010


“Good Morning, George-Town!”

What started as a typical Bahamas sailboat race has evolved into a no-holds-barred extravaganza
by Herb McCormick


Eat, Drink, Be Merry- Trei Bien!
Sailors aboard a self-drive barge in France’s Canal du Midi see for themselves how inland mariners live the good life
by Elaine Lembo

The Rescue of Wanderer III
Part 1: An attempted nighttime entry into the reef-strewn anchorage at Nouvelle-Caledonie erupts in drama
by Thies Matzen



On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo
Off Watch Osprey’s Flight by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Sailing Life

Onboard Living by Susan Detwiler
Passage Notes by Herb McCormick
Sailor Profile by Andrew Burton
Point of View by David W. Shaw
People & Food by Mary Heckrotte


Hands-On Sailor

Cockpit Cushions 101
Living Aboard: Whether you buy them or sew them yourself it’s a worthwhile project
by Elaine Lembo

Avoid Shock
Monthly Maintenance: Take the advice and install ground fault interrupter receptacles
by Steve D’Antonio


Model Citizen
Projects: Long winter? Build a mini version of your beloved sailboat
by Paul Ring

First Night Aboard
Backyard Warrior: The debut for this crew is oh, so special-even if it’s on the hard
by Ben Zartmen


Passport Vista 615
Boat Review: The latest from this veteran builder is luxurious and seakindly
by Alvah Simon

J/97: Versatile Thoroughbred
Boat Review: THe Johnstones create a stellar performer that’s comfortable too
by Steve Callahan

Passagemaking Princess
Classic Plastic: The Panda 38 is traditional, nimble, and very much a find
by Mary Brandon Fox

The Next New Things
Electronics 2010: Here’s what you’ll find at winter and spring boat shows
by Ben Ellison

Get Cookin’
New Products: Whip up a feast without burning the chef;plusm gear and a ramp app
by Bill Springer


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