March 2009


February 16, 2009


Sail to Ski, Schuss to Shore
What would cruising be in Iceland without taking the time to glide along the land?
by Angela Rivers

The land Below the Wind
Treasures found throughout the island of Borneo lure the crew of Sea Quest off the Pacific mild run
by Tere Batham


Bashing North from Baja
Make this passage as our deadline-bound crew advises, not the way they sailed it
by Herb MCCormick


Shoreline edited by Elaine Lembo


On Watch by Cap n’ Fatty Goodlander

Under Way by Linda Collison

Special Report by Elaine Lembo


Sailing Life

Passage Notes by Andrew Burton

Onboard Living by Jessica Stone


People and Food by Geraldine Foley

Osprey’s Flight by Wendy Mitman Clarke

Hands-On Sailor

A Few Pounds of Protection
Projects: A 1985 Beneteau First 375 gets a new set of keel bolts
by Gord Kerr

Choose the Right Crankcase Oil
Monthly Maintenance: It keeps the engine turning, revolution after revolution
by Steve D’Antonio

The Magic of Polaris
Seamanship: No matter how many GPS units are aboard, knowing how to use a sextant to find your latitude is useful
by John Karl

Special : Electronics 2009

Sailing into the Future
Electronics: Introduced are touchscreen GPS, lower-priced AIS B units, and satellite TV
by Tony Bessinger

Viewing Via the Internet
Electronics: Watch your favorite team and chat with your family from afar
by Webb Chiles

Running on Sun
Electronics: Staying the thrifty and strategic allows this crew to rely on solar power
by Tom Linskey


Dufour 525
Boat Review: Elegantly simple, this cruiser is easy to sail, even shorthanded
by Tim Murphy

Hanse 400e
Boat Review: This performance monohull is cool, quick, and modern
by Herb McCormick

Island Packet 460
Boat Review: Step aboard and you’ll know why this IP steals the show
by Herb McCormick

Nordic 40
Classic Plastic: This top-notch Robert H. Perry design is fast, roomy, and sound
by Gordon F. Meigs


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