May 2008


April 14, 2008


Vive La Nouvelle’ Caledonie!
A rough voyage behind them, the crew of Roger Henry explore this decidedly French Island
by Alvah Simon

Going Nowhere for the Moment
A return visit tot eh Chesapeake Bay is all about slowing down
by John Burnham


The Treasure of the Baltic
Sweden’s island of Gotland lives up to its legend of enchantment
by Marianne Scott

Biding a While in Baffin Island
Yacht Style: A custom fitted Oyster 72 puts high-altitude voyaging on the radar
by Richard Haworth

The Sailing Life


Grassroots efforts save a waterfront town, a tribute to Everest’s first climber, compact bikes, and more
edited by Elaine Lembo

On Watch
In Kosrae, the fleet gets a royal welcome
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander

Point of View
On land William F. Buckley Jr. was the larger than life; at sea, he was the consummate shipmate
by Douglas Bernon


Special Report
Colombia encourages sailors to cruise there
by Randy Baker

Onboard Living
With fine china, cruising will never be camping
by Shauna Boughton

Passage Notes
Each Sailor had different reasons to visit Langkawi, Malaysia, but all enjoyed the laid-back pace
by Herb McCormick


Makeovers and Refits
He gazed at the racing rig he already owned and a cruising future appeared
by Chris Goodfellow

People and Food
An hors’d’oevre makes a quiet anchorage perfect
by Elaine Lembo

Osprey’s Flight
Shore life leaves the crew feeling empty
by Wendy Clarke

Hands-On Sailor/ Off-the-wind sailing

Downwind in Light Air: What Sail to Buy
Sailmakers weigh in on their choices of off-wind sails
by Jeremy McGeary

Flexible Furlers for Cruisers
These devices offer a simple way to control headsails
by Beth A. Leonard

Go Ahead, Sprit into the Wind
Removable bowsprits improve the efficiency of the cruising chute
by Joe Cooper

Settin’ n’ Snuffin’
See step-by-step how the asymmetric is hoisted and stowed aboard this racer’s cruising boat
by Gary Jobson


Sabre Spirit: A Sprightly Weekender
Boat Review: An elegant, well balanced sailer packs a lot into 36 feet
by Andrew Burton

Morris 45: Fast and Luxurious
Boat Review: This iteration fo Chuck Paine’s ocean racer adds performance and comfort
by Stacy Collins

New Products: Shades, from trendy to children’s, come under the lens
by Andrew Burton


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