Diesel-Engine Web Clearinghouse Proves Useful Tool

Norwegian Maritime Equipment A/S, which trades in new and secondhand equipment worldwide, had an urgent inquiry from one of their customers for a diesel engine to power a generator set. The situation was resolved and a suitable engine was found at Delta Trading BV in Holland by searching in www.DieselEngineTrader.com.

Trond Paulsen of Norwegian Maritime said, "The Internet is a very important tool in our daily work. www.DieselEngineTrader.com enabled us to help our customer, and in a matter of days, they had a replacement for their existing worn engine. Since our initial contact, we have built up a very good relationship with Delta Trading and have subsequently bought two larger generator sets from them."

Trond has www.DieselEngineTrader.com on his "Favorites" list and finds it very easy to search for an engine using the website. "I wish that more companies would advertise their equipment on this Internet page," he said. "It’s a real time-saver."

Peter van Lelieveld from Delta Trading, which specializes in supplying both new and secondhand diesel-engines, generator-sets and spare-parts, commented: "We had been looking for a way to effectively offer our services and inventory to new customers throughout the world. With www.dieselenginetrader.com, it’s simple to list our equipment for sale, and the website is easy to navigate. Doing international business is much easier with www.dieselenginetrader.com .

Contact Details: Norwegian Maritime Equipment, +47 53 47 95 00, e-mail nme@nme.no, www.nme.no; Delta Trading BV, +31 118 628 072, e-mail deltatrading.dieselmotoren@wxs.nl, http://home.wxs.nl/~deltabv; DieselEngineTrader.com, +44 7968 441459, e-mail info@dieselengintrader.com, www.dieselenginetrader.com