Don't you just want to be here?

Warning: Lots of our reader submitted photography makes it real hard to sit in an office. "Community Spotlight" for our August, 6, 2009, CW Reckonings

368 sol blue

CW member Tdrefin has aptly titled this photo "Solitude Blues". It was shot somewhere in the Bahamas and the brief description of the spot, "The only spot in the world where surely no one will come looking to interrupt your sanity," reads like a prescription for all that ills anyone who is cooped up in a cubicle or stuck in a grinding commute. Tdrefin is aboard the St. Francis cruising catamaran Scud that has logged some serious offshore miles. There are shots of swimming with an enormous Manta Ray in Thailand, sunrises in the Mid-Atlantic, the Panama Canal, and everything in between.

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