February 2004 Table of Contents

February 4, 2004

On Watch
17 The Slayer of Logic
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
When Cap’n Fatty lands his dream gig, the woman who knows him best provides an all-too-honest reality check

**Passage Notes
**21 In Search of Summer Snow
by Elaine Lembo
Maybe it isn’t fair to say the sailors of the Pacific have “gone tropo,” but they sure act like it

**Under Way
**31 Remembering Voyages Past
by Mollie Rogers
Hers is not a tale of worldwide voyages or deeds of derring-do but a pastiche of idyllic moments stitched together from 30 happy years in boats


**People and Food
**39 A Tongan Treat
by Sharon Ragle
The bureaucrats giveth, the bureaucrats taketh away: The disappointment of losing all their fresh stores upon landfall is replaced by the elation that comes with a bounty of fresh island produce

Log of Ithaka
152 Sailing to America
by Bernadette Bernon
Heading home after three years in Central America, they return to an American culture that’s become more shrill in their time away

Cover Story

40 Meatloaf Cordon Bleu Was the Maine Course
by Nim Marsh
A pair of candidates for Self-Reliants Anonymous slowly overcome their deep-seated inclinations as they ease into the lap of luxury on a crewed charter in Penobscot Bay


48 Coast-Hopping with the Kookaburras
by Jeff Williams
A landfall in Brisbane throws open the doors to Queensland and New South Wales-Australia’s engaging eastern coast

54 The Cal 40, Forty Years On
by Dieter Loibner
Honoring the 40th anniversary of the fiberglass boat that debuted for $17,000 and cleaned up in ocean races against whole fleets of custom thoroughbreds, 10 Cal 40s complete the 2003 Transpac Race to Hawaii

62 The Bulletproof Electric Bilge Pump
by Jeff Williams
An engineered approach to your bilge: Follow these steps for removing the faults in your water-evacuation system


70 Saving Everest Horizontal
by Tim Kent
In the final installment of a two-part series, this Around Alone skipper returns to the waters off Bermuda to find and retrieve his beloved sled

**Living Aboard
**78 Feasts Under Glass
by Beth A. Leonard
Canning may have gone out of fashion in American homes, but for the cruising sailor, it’s still an excellent way to get good nutrition and flavor under way

**Offshore Sailing
**86 An East Coast Rite of Passage
by John Rousmaniere
The biennial Newport-Bermuda Race was the test bed for much of 20th-century yacht design; today, it remains one of the best proving grounds for cruisers who want to take their sailing up a notch


**Boat Projects
**94 Workbench
by Jeremy McGeary and Marya Butler
Do-it-yourself improvements for life on board

Boat Test
**96 A Beautiful Cure for Rough Days
by Darrell Nicholson
With its new 4400, Tartan Yachts brings cutting-edge epoxy construction to its latest masterpiece

Boat Review
Bound for Blue Water
by Jeremy McGeary
The Chuck Paine-designed Able Apogee 50 took top honors in CW’s first Boat of the Year contest; now the wizards at Morris Yachts have put their own touch on that winning design

Boat Review
A Debut with Elan
by Bill Seifert
The Elan 40 introduces a line of Rob Humphreys-designed performance cruisers from Slovenia to the U.S. shores

**Classic Plastic
**104 Surfing Sensation
by Dieter Loibner
The Cal 40 satisfied all three requirements for a breakthrough boat: a client who insists on a crazy idea, a designer crazy enough to put it to paper, and a yard crazy enough to build it

**New Products
**106 Interfacing with Liquids
by Jeremy McGeary
Keeping all the fluids flowing where they ought to be is the theme of this month’s gathering of gear

**5/Editor’s Log
107/Chartering News
139/Another Opinion
151/Advertiser Index


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