Furling Boom by GMT Composites

From the racing sector comes cutting-edge technology for cruisers. "Gear and Gadgets" from our January 10, 2008, CW Reckonings


GMT Composites' carbon fiber furling boom is slim and self-contained.Gmt Composites

GMT Composites may be best known for the cutting-edge technology of its America's Cup boats and grand prix racers, but the benefits of its research trickle down to cruisers, too. In this case it's in the form of a relatively slim carbon fiber furling boom that will be introduced this spring.

The boom itself is fairly slender, unlike some of the less wieldy furling booms we've seen so far. The winding gear and motor are located in the boom, and the mandrel doesn't penetrate the mast, so no universal joint is required. The system includes an articulating sail feeder intended to prevent binding if the sail is furled or reefed when the boat is pointed off the wind.

Look for a full review here after the first boom is installed.