Gannet Sails for South Africa

Webb Chiles will set sail onboard his Moore 24, Gannet for a 6,000 mile journey to South Africa from Australia.

Webb Chiles will set sail onboard Gannet for a 6,000 mile journey to South Africa.Webb Chiles

This spring, Webb Chiles, dropped the mooring in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, where he left his Moore 24 after crossing the Pacific from California singlehanded, and headed for first Bundaberg, Australia. From there, he sailed north to Perth, where he made landfall in the middle of June. This week, Webb sent along his latest news:

“On July 1, June 30 in the U.S., I will continue my sixth circumnavigation, sailing from Darwin, Australia, for South Africa on Gannet, my ultralight Moore 24, a masterpiece of yacht design and construction. This is a passage of 100 degrees of longitude, from 131 degrees E to 31 degrees E and about 6,000 miles. For a Moore 24 that is a stretch.

“I will carry 30 gallons of water rather than my usual 20 and provisions for more than 60 days, though I expects that if all goes well the passage will take 40 to 50 days. I will eat and drink Gannet back into trim.

"Even in winter Darwin is hot. One hundred degrees F is also often the temperature in Gannet's Great Cabin.

If you wish to follow the voyage, follow along on the tracking page at:


Webb Chiles

Gannet cuts through the waters off of Australia.Steve Earley
Gannet sailing inside the Great Barrier Reef.Webb Chiles