Reading about Jane Burn and the San Juan Islands

Living High: An Unconventional Biography by June Burn (Duell, Sloan and Pearce, New York; 1941); 100 Days in the San Juans: a 1946 Voyage Through the San Juan Islands by June Burn (Long House Printcrafters & Publishers, Friday Harbor, Washington; 1983); Log of the Union: John Boit's Remarkable Voyage to the Northwest Coast and Around the World, 1794-1796, edited by Edmund Hayes, illustrated by Hewitt R. Jackson (Oregon Historical Society, November 1981); Captain Gray in the Pacific Northwest by Francis Cross and Charles M. Parkin Jr. (Maverick Publications, Bend, Oregon; 1987); Vancouver's Voyage: Charting the Northwest Coast, 1791-1795 by Robin Fisher (University of Washington Press, Seattle; 1992); Peoples of the Sea Wind by Vinson Brown (Macmillan Publishing, New York; 1977); Lonely Planet: Seattle (2nd edition, Lonely Planet, Oakland, California; 2001); Lonely Planet: Pacific Northwest (3rd edition, Lonely Planet, Oakland, California; 2002)

Cruising Guides and Maps
The Waggoner Cruising Guide (Weatherly Press Division, Robert Hale & Co. Inc., Bellevue, Washington; published annually in January; 800-733-5330,; Maptech Waterproof Charts: San Juan Islands-Whidbey Island and Bellingham to Boundary Pass ($50;; A Cruising Guide to Puget Sound: Olympia to Port Angeles, including the San Juan Islands by Migael M. Scherer ($40; International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press, 1994)

Weather, Flora, and Fauna
All of the following helpful resources are from The Mountaineers Books (1001 S.W. Klickitat Way, Suite 201, Seattle, Washington 98134; 206-223-6303, 206-223-6306, ): Northwest Marine Weather by Jeff Renner (2001); San Juan Islands Wildlife by Evelyn Adams (1995); Best Short Hikes in Washington's North Cascades & San Juan Islands by E.M. Sterling (2nd edition, 2002); Wild Plants of the San Juan Islands by Scott Atkinson and Fred Sharpe (2nd edition, 2000); Birding in the San Juan Islands by Mark G. Lewis and Fred A. Sharpe (1997); The San Juan Islands, Afoot and Afloat by Marge and Ted Mueller (3rd edition, 1995) E.L.