So Where's Your Hat?

Customized Happitude hats display coordinates of the wearer's choosing. From our August 2008 issue


A hat maker wants sailors to put memorable GPS coordinates on their hats.Courtesy Of The Manufacturer

If you're sporting a Happitude hat, someone might just ask that question. For the uninitiated, Happitude is a word company founder Scott Barrow coined to describe a place where latitude, longitude, and happiness connect. "I was at my favorite place, which is a family cottage on a lake in Michigan," Barrow says, "when I wondered aloud, 'where is the center of the universe?' And I realized that for me, the dock on the lake is the center of my universe."

So Barrow designed his first hat, with the name of his family homestead-Franklin's Folly-on the back, and the GPS coordinates printed on the front: 43.834 28 N/86.420 95 W.

"These hats are an extension of the places where people gather and the energy of the people in that place," Barrow says. He wants to get the word out to cruisers, so they can capture their favorite anchorages in cloth. For details, contact the company (