Stay Dry, Parts I&II

Tops and bottoms keep coastal sailors dry, filters help the bilge stay free of oil, and this pocket-size video camera is waterproof, too.

July 7, 2009


|| |—| | ****| |Gill Pro Dinghy Top| Staying Dry, Part I
For daysailing when there’s spray or other moisture in the air, I’d match the KB 1 trousers (below) with the Gill Pro Dinghy Top, a breathable pullover smock. Though Gill doesn’t rate it as quite as waterproof and breathable as the KB 1, and it’s not offshore gear, I’ve been very pleased with it. Features include a zip-up collar that can be adjusted on either side to form a good neck seal; comfortable, adjustable rubber wrist closures; and an adjustable neoprene waistband.
A self-draining chest pocket can be reached even when you’re wearing a life jacket.
$130, (770) 945-0564,

****| |Gill KB 1 Keelboat Racer Trousers| Staying Dry, Part II
I’ll be wearing Gill’s KB 1 Keelboat Racer Trousers on wet days this summer. This bit of kit is ideal for cruisers. Because the KB 1 are so light, it’s hard to believe that three layers of breathable material make up the fabric; the fact that they’re unlined will allow them to dry out quickly. Other features include a unique fly arrangement, a multitool pouch, and microfleece-lined neoprene shoulder panels that replace straps. Gill rates the fabric as highly waterproof and breathable, and while the KB 1 trousers are intended mainly for coastal use, I wouldn’t hesitate to use
them anywhere.
$235, (770) 945-0564,


****| |Bilge Kleen|

Green Bilges
All sailors who own boats with inboard engines sooner or later have to deal with oil in the bilges. Since no one wants to pump oily bilge water overboard into the ocean or lake-not to mention the fact that it’s illegal-the big problem is getting rid of it. Centek has come up with a solution it calls the Bilge Kleen system. It works like fuel filters that remove water from fuel, only the Bilge Kleen does the opposite: It removes oil from the water as it’s pumped through the filter. Available in various sizes, the filters install between your bilge pump and the through-hull; a patented cartridge removes oil, gasoline, and diesel oil from bilge water.
$100 for the 8-BK-1,
(800) 950-7653,

****| |HD Pocket Video Cam| Video in Your Pocket
If you’ve ever tried to take pictures of rough weather on a boat, you’ll have noticed that a still camera always makes the waves appear flatter than they were. The answer is a video camera, and the Vado HD Pocket Video Cam is a beauty. Measuring only 2 inches by 4 inches, the half-inch-thick camera feels solid in the hand and fits easily in a pocket. The 2-inch screen on the back is visible even in bright sunlight. I was surprised by the quality of the video I took. It was easy to view the high-definition video on a large-screen television using the included HDMI cable. Colors showed clearly, too. The batteries, charged via the USB port on a computer, are good for two hours of shooting. Also available is a waterproof housing that allows you to film underwater down to about 15 feet.
$230, (800) 998-1000,


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