Get the LED Out

Power-stingy tricolor lights and an electric outboard makes the scene. New Products from our June 2010 issue

August 3, 2010

LED 368

NaviLED Trio Courtesy Of The Manufacturer

Lights are one of the biggest power consumers on board, but the LED-powered NaviLED Trio masthead tricolor from Hella Marine will sip, rather than gulp, from your house battery bank. Comparable incandescent tricolors can draw up to 25 watts, but this baby draws just 3.5 watts when all three lights are on, and only 1.5 watts when just the white light is illuminated. It’s sealed to keep water out. The heavy-duty Polyamide lens is reportedly highly resistant to vibration, impact, and shock loads. And the Trio is rated to have 2-mile visibility. The unit is built with a stainless-steel shaft and a pre-wired plug and socket for easy and reliable installation.
$620, (770) 631-7500,

****| |Speed Seal Life|

Speed Seal
Nothing can bring an engine to a grinding halt quicker than a bad water-pump impeller. And nothing can ensure good impeller health better than regular inspection and service. Enter the Speedseal Life. It’s made up of a brass disc that’s easily installed and removed from the impeller housing thanks to four bolts specifically designed to be hand tightened. Access to the impeller requires nothing more than loosening the bolts and sliding off the disc. An inset O-ring on the inside of the disc guarantees a tight seal when the bolts are retightened. Since no tools, gaskets, or sealants are required, it doesn’t get any easier to check or replace an impeller.
$90, (800) 675-1105,


****| |Torqeedo Travel|

Torqeedo Travel
Torqeedo’s electric outboards have been quietly humming dinghies around harbors for a while now, and with the launch of the Torqeedo Travel, they no longer even need to be hooked up to an external power source. The Travel features an integrated lithium-manganese battery that runs the motor for 1 to 2 hours between charges. Yes, you have to charge it up on land (or from your boat’s house bank), but it only weighs 25 pounds. It also folds up into a compact square that’s easily carried in its waterproof travel pack. If you’re looking for longer running times, the Travel can also be connected to a heavier conventional lead battery with an optional adapter. The largest model is reportedly powerful enough to provide the equivalent zip of a 3-horsepower engine.
Starts at $1,300, (815) 444-8806,


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