The Girls Want to Be With the Girls

Results of the BoatU.S. survey, "Boating Learning and Education Survey for Women."

A recent online survey by BoatU.S. found that many women think there aren't enough opportunities for them to beef-up their boating know-how. Especially lacking, according to survey respondents, are programs specifically tailored for women.

More than 400 women responded to the "Boating Learning and Education Survey for Women." Two-thirds of the women had taken some sort of classroom training and nearly three-quarters had some hands-on instruction. There was also clear support (59%) for more women-only courses. And of those who had taken a women-only course, more found the training effective (33%) than ineffective (11%).

Respondents said that motivation for taking a boating course ranged from wanting to improve boathandling skills to learning what to do in an emergency. The most-wanted instruction topics are engine and electrical knowledge, both how to operate and fix such systems (71%), and navigation (62%).

More than three-quarters of respondents own either a powerboat (55%) or a sailboat (53%), and 6 percent said they were planning on buying a boat.

BoatU.S. sponsors two annual women's sailing conventions that teach a variety of boating skills in women-only settings. The 18th Annual Women's Sailing Convention takes place February 3 in Corona del Mar, California, and the East Coast event is held annually in early June in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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