Best Sailboat For Sailing Around the Globe?

Nearly four years ago, a CW member started a forum that is still captivating today. He's gotten great responses, and we want to give you more resources to use as you dream about an escape from the everyday world.

July 22, 2011

Best Cruising Sailboat 2

In the original forum, AquaPaul asked what the best boat would be for his plan:
“I am planning to sell everything (house and stuff), quit my job, and leave for four to five years to sail around the world.”

Resources from Cruising World:

1. Start with the Boat
Boat of the Year: Best midsize cruiser. Best catamaran. Best small cruiser. Best domestic. Best premium cruiser. Best full-size cruiser. Cruising spirit award. Find all of our Boat of the Year recipients here.


Boat Reviews: A complete index of every boat review we’ve written since 1987.

2. Know Before You Go.
– Check out our [how-to articles



Advice to an Offshore First-Timer, by Andrew Burton (above).
Knowing what to pack, how to act, and when to ask questions makes the learning curve at sea easier to climb.

Ocean Passage Planner, by Jimmy Cornell (above).
Figure out your route with help from this expert.

Leap of Faith, by Wendy Mitman Clarke (above).
Readying the boat for offshore sailing is only part of the jump from land to sea.


3. What’s Next?
The possibilities are limitless!

One Unlikely Cruise from Silicon Valley to Team New Zealand, by Herb McCormick.
When Christopher Miller set out from Southern California in the late 1990s for an extended voyage aboard his Tayana 52, he was a solo sailor with an open-ended itinerary.


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