Brochure Offers U.S./Canada Border Travel Tips

In light of increased border security as a result of the catastrophic events of 9/11, earlier this year New York Sea Grant (NYSG) asked Seaway Trail, Inc. (STI) to partner on a project to make international border-crossing travel information accessible to the boating and motoring public in the form of a free brochure.

As publicist for both NYSG and STI, Kara Lynn Dunn began collecting data and contacts with U.S. Customs, U.S. Immigrations, and Canada Customs. Working closely with these government representatives, NYSG and STI were able to share preliminary information with marine industry professionals as early as March.

Downloadable versions of the brochure can be accessed via Seaway Trail’s main web page at and a hotlink to Sea Grant’s extension website.

For more information, contact Teresa Mitchell at Seaway Trail, Inc. at (800) SEAWAY-T or e-mail You can reach David White at (315) 312-3042, e-mail, or log on to Sea Grant’s website,