Crew Overboard

Is your crew prepared for a rescue situation? We'd like to know. A community spotlight article from our April 1, 2010, CW Reckonings

COB 368

Will you be prepared for a crew overboard situation?Mark Pillsbury

"Crew overboard" are two words you never want to hear on a boat. But there's a big difference between hoping you never hear them and being prepared, when you do, to deal with a potentially life-threatening situation. Would you be able to turn the boat around and find the person in the water? Should you sail back to the person or use the engine? What about at night?

A recent thread from CW Forum member robstone asks for anyone who's experienced a real-life crew-overboard event to share lessons learned. Also if anyone has practiced a COB situation with their crew, what did you learn and do you feel confident enough to execute a real life rescue.

Log on here to see the responses and share your thoughts on preparing for, and dealing with, COB situations.

We'll publish several responses in the April 15 issue of CW Reckonings.