Get Ocean Planet, America's Open 60, to Around-Alone Start

You may have been wondering how on earth I plan on making the start of the Around Alone in September. I know I sure do . . . with only a combination of loans, credit, and donations keeping Ocean Planet moving toward the prologue in Newport. Even though I’m theoretically in paradise (Antigua), we dug a financial hole to get here, and there is no escaping reality when it comes time to pay the bills. But once again, just when I think things are becoming hopeless, some hope seems to come along.

Our devoted cook on the passage to Panama, Hank Grandin, has organized a group of our existing supporters to put forward a "matching grant" of $50,000 (Thanks Hank!). However, we only get it if we can raise at least that amount in new donations between April 1 and June 15, when the matching grant expires.

The group has made it clear that if we don’t raise enough new donations, the matching grant evaporates (yikes!). The group’s theory is that if we don’t raise at least $100k total, I might not make it to the start of the Around Alone. So your donation matters more now than ever is putting it mildly.

Please visit our website ( and check out our contributors’ page and donation form. Also take a look at, you’ll see that Ocean Planet is the only American Open 60 entered. It would be a shame if she doesn’t make it.

We continue to work on corporate sponsorship, but it would be foolish to start counting any chickens. If you need information on what we have to offer in brand name visibility in the Around Alone race, please contact Joan Garrett at (650-255-5438, or myself (510) 866-6582.

Workin’ hard to escape from paradise!