July 2007


June 20, 2007

France, a cradle of maritime revival; accolades for Saito-san; Crooner tunes; New Zealand’s Fiordland; weigh in on weather forecasts with Uncle Sam; good books; and more

Letter from Aventura
Ancient maritime history abounds in Montenegro, a new nation and a delightful cruising destination
by Jimmy Cornell

Under Way
He expected gales on the passage south from Fiji to New Zealand, but what he got was windless monotony
by Webb Chiles


Passage Notes
Teens aboard a Super Maramu may dip into creature comforts more than the Morning Light Transpac gang, but they lust for the sea no less
by Christine Myers

People and Food
Chutney adds zing to the cuisine of a crew sailing without refrigeration
by Diana Simon

Log of Ithaka
A Shearwater 39 changes hands, prompting the seller to reflect on the provenance of the boat that links three cruising families and their voyaging dreams
by Douglass Bernon



Consider a Catamaran
Performance, comfort, spaciousness–keep reading, you’ll find more reasons why so many sailors cruise aboard multihulls
by Mark Pillsbury

Final Exam
A couple uses a catamaran charter as a test to pass the course they called Next-Boat Studies
by Tom Linskey


Taking a Leap of Faith
On a search for a tropical waterfront retreat, they saw their dream home–a moving one
by Lynne Walsh

What’s Going to Power Your Cat?
Boatbuilders are beginning to launch diesel/electric and hybrid models in numbers that qualify as a bona fide trend
by Tim Murphy

Nice Cats, Many Lives
Crews aboard gleaming charter boats encounter Fatty, and they’ll never be the same
by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander



Around the Horn
Part III: Homefree rounds the legendary cape, and the long-sought goal is transformed into a bar story
by Robert J. Rubadeau


Shorthanded Docking Made Easier
Boathandling: Experiment with a spring line run through a snatchblock on your boat’s toerail to achieve a balanced landing
by Evans Starzinger

Maintaining the Whisker Pole
Systems: This vital wing-and-wing support requires protection from corrosive elements
by Ann Hoffner

They’re More Than One Way to Skin a Cat
Projects: For a bottom job, sand flats and high tides provided a marina alternative
by Lisa McKerracher

Keep the Valve Train on Track
Monthly Maintenance: Properly adjusted intake and exhaust valves will help your diesel run smoothly
by Steve D’Antonio


If It Were My Boat…
Electronics: He’d have an infrared camera that relies on temperature changes to show images, web service via a high-speed cellular network, and wireless pendants to pinpoint overboard crew
by Tony Bessinger

Leopard 46: A Leap for Leisure
Boat Review: The A team of Morelli & Melvin have designed an A-1 monohull
by Andrew Burton

Nautitech 47: Good Balance Points
Boat Review: A “Let’s go sailing” approach puts this boat ahead of the pack
by Jeremy McGeary

Seawind 1160: Award-Winning Concept and Execution
Boat Review: A pair of 2007 BOTY awards hint that Seawind founder Richard Ward’s got it going on
by Jeremy McGeary

Mahe 36: A Sleeper of a Speedster
Boat Review: Fountaine Pajot unveils a comfortable cat that roars on the water
by Andrew Burton


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