The Power of Color

The hues you choose for belowdecks will have a distinct effect on your psyche. From "Makeovers and Refits" in our February 2008 issue

Morris bright colors 368

The vibrant colors and varied pillow patterns of this design create a livelymood, one that¿s perfect for entertaining.Billy Black

Color determines the tone of a boat's interior more than any other factor. In your quest to make your boat your home, a home that reflects your taste and prompts happy feelings when you step aboard, the choice of color is one of the most fundamental decisions facing an owner.

Pictured are two visions of an M42, built by Morris Yachts. In the bottom photo, the interior upholstery and countertops are bathed in cool blues and grays with white accents, creating a soothing environment that calms the mind. In the top picture, the interior upholstery is a more vibrant green, with traffic-stopping patterned pillows in red and sea-foam green to make you smile. One space, two very different yet quite sophisticated
effects. Which one speaks to you?

Onne Van Der Wal| |The cool, muted colors of this interior create a soothing atmosphere, one that's perhaps more suitable for long-term cruising.| CW is looking for interesting makeovers. If you've redecorated your boat's interior, whether by yourself or with a professional, send us the before-and-after photos; we'll use the most dramatic in the magazine. Please mail to: Makeovers & Refits, c/o Cruising World, (55 Hammarlund Way, Middletown, RI 02842) or submit them via e-mail (