The Mystery of the Sapping Speed

It wasn't until his 30-footer came to an abrupt halt that CW community member Foster Fanning discovered the cause of his disappointing boatspeed. "Community Spotlight" from our March 20, 2008, CW Reckonings


With his first mate, Catherine Brown, Foster Fanning explores the inland lakes and coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest aboard his S-2 9.2C Aquila.Foster Fanning

Foster Fanning could be the poster child for the CW community. His Logbook is jam-packed with forum posts, photos, a video, Port Experiences, recipes--brief history of the oyster, anyone?--and some hilariously self-depracating Log Entries.

Members of our PG audience might shy away from Foster's poem, "Saga of the Wooodwind Rock," which posits the burly 56-year-old dangling off a bow in his tighty whities, but the whole family should get a good laugh out of his Log Entry, "Why Would I Ever Tell This Story?" The entry relates a comic consequence that occurred when this seasoned cruiser entered a windward-leeward race with an 18-pound anchor on the bow of his S-2 9.2C Aquila.

To read the Log Entry, click here.

To visit Foster Fanning's Logbook, click here.