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July 1, 2008

flameless grill 368

The Floridian Grill from Kenyon

Grilling Without Flames
Marinas around the country are starting to clamp down on gas and charcoal grills, citing the fire hazards of open flames near acres of fiberglass. The Floridian Grill from Kenyon gets the nod in many places because there’s no flame, just dry heat. It’s a new electric grill for those who have either a generator or access to shore power. A grill plate protects the heating element from dripping juices and prevents flare-ups. Temperatures at the grill can hit 550 degrees within 10 minutes of firing it up, so food can be seared quickly, just as on a regular grill.
$1,200, (860) 664-4906,

****| |Purosol designed for a marine environment. |

Clean Your Electronics
Purosol sport/marine cleaner is designed to clean electronic equipment in a marine environment. The company says that it won’t harm sensitive anti-glare screens on multifunction displays and other gear that’s exposed to salt and dirt. The organic formula, available in a 2-ounce bottle, contains no alcohol, ammonia, or detergents; it works by breaking the molecular bonds that hold grime on your equipment.
$13, (626) 568-1100,


****| |Lanocote from Forspar.|

Prevent Rust
Lanocote, from marine-hardware manufacturer Forespar, has been out for a while and is now available in a variety of sizes, including an 8-ounce pump-spray bottle. It’s designed to prevent or inhibit corrosion on metals by forming a non-greasy moisture barrier on treated items. It also works on screw threads, allowing the screws to be later removed. The manufacturer says it can be used on electric panels, outboard motors, and fishing tackle.
$9, (949) 858-8820,

****| |West Systems new G/flex|


A Flexible Epoxy Adhesive
West System has introduced G/flex, a new epoxy that’s harder than caulking but more flexible than regular epoxy, which can be brittle. G/flex is especially suited for use on dissimilar materials that may have different expansion rates in hot and cold weather. It can also be used to repair polyethylene craft, such as sailboards and recreational
dinghies. It can be applied and will cure under water. G/flex is available both in a pre-thickened kit containing 4.5-ounce tubes of resin and hardener and as a liquid.
$25, (866) 937-8797,


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