October 2004 Table of Contents

October 4, 2004

The Sailing Life

A 30-Year Passion for Sailing and the Unknown
Shoreline by Nim Marsh
A harbor cruise aboard Murray Davis’ old tender inspires reflection on all CW’s founder wrought

A Generation of Sea Gypsies
On Watch by Cap’n Fatty Goodlander
They were enthralled by the Lesser Antilles, this roguish band of 1970s expats. But how to stay?


A Cruiser’s Cornucopia
Great Boats by Dan Spurr
The pre-eminent historian of fiberglass boatbuilding revisits a remarkable era

In the Beginning . . .
Point of View by Lin Pardey
A longtime cruising author recalls the chance meeting that helped launch an auspicious career

A Trinity with Vision
Sailor Profiles by Jeremy McGeary
Once under one roof, Yves-Marie Tanton, Chuck Paine, and Bob Perry followed different paths when designing boats for voyaging


You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby
People and Food by Lynda Morris Childress
From “Leg of Lamb à la Diesel,” the evolution of the cruising galley has come a long way, indeed

The Lituya Legacy
Under Way by Hugh Owens
 An unforeseen earthquake along Alaska’s Inside Passage in 1958 sent out a disastrous wave whose ripples can still be felt

Beyond Splashdown
Log of Ithaka by Bernadette Bernon
Life in the boatyard proves to be a condensed microcosm of the larger cruising life



A Potent Push from Shore
by Kevin Patterson
Before World War II, you could count on your fingers the number of sailors who’d lit out in small boats. But in the mid-1940s, something changed

We Just Kept Going
compiled by Elaine Lembo and Tim Murphy
What makes cruisers tick? Longtime voyagers and liveaboards weigh in on what motivates them


Five Destinations with Enduring Charm
by Jimmy Cornell
The godfather of world cruising routes picks his top-five favorite landfalls, drawn from experience

Volunteer and Thistle
by the Editors
Artist John Mecray captures the definitive moment in this 1887 duel between America’s Cup rivals

Travels with Charlie
by Herb McCormick
F. Scott Fitzgerald said there are no second acts in American life, but he never met Charlie Cary, founder of The Moorings

Hands-On Sailor

Gearing Up in the Good Ol’ Days
Retrospective by Ralph Naranjo
How we used to outfit our boats for voyaging offers practical insight for fitting out today

Kedging for Mere Mortals
Boathandling by Niki Perryman
The smallest anchor is useful in many everyday ways, not just when you’re between a rock and a hard place

The Safest Rhumb Line to Oz
Voyaging by Scott Bannerot
The seldom-traveled northern route to Australia offered one of their best passages

A Matter of Spirit
Living Aboard by Hal Roth
Circumnavigator Hal Roth opens the accounting books on two long voyages

Something Old,  Something New
Navigation by Tom and Vicky Jackson
Putting the mark in the shrouds is just one old-dog trick that still makes sense

In Praise of Peat Moss
Systems by Chuck Kanter
A composting head is this sailor’s response to today’s ever-encroaching marine-sanitation laws

Boat Projects by Jeremy McGeary and Marya Butler
Do-it-yourself projects for improving life on board


The Golden Age of Gadgetry
Electronics by Ed Sherman
In marine electronics, the golden age is now

A World of New Boats
Showcase 2005by Jeremy McGeary
Four dozen new cruising-boat models will slip down the ways this season. Here’s a preview

Slip-Sliding Away
Gear Review by Joe Cooper
A sailmaking pro looks at today’s choices for low-friction systems for hoisting and dousing the mainsail

A Purebred from Québec
Boat Review by Michel Savage
Inspired by solo sailor Mike Birch, the Labrador 44 is a slippery pilothouse cutter built of aluminum and ready to go anywhere–fast

Anniversary Girl
Classic Plastic by Jeremy McGeary
Even 30 years on, the Catalina 30 still delivers the goods when it comes to sensible, affordable cruising design


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