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August 20, 2010

Skipper, our sailing setter, looked into his last sunset, 3000nm under his collar onboard S/V Scaramouche, enroute to Chub Cay. Rest in peace.

Skipper’s Sunset

Bofin Harbour, on Inishbofin, County Galway, Ireland. Cromwell’s fort ruins in background, ferry delivering daytrippers, with Aleria’s crew surveying the action at anchor.

Watching the action on Inishbofin


Piggy-Sue cruising in her life jacket – Piggy-Sue is a 17 and 1/2 year old Potbellied Pig who has been cruising since she was just a piglet. She always wears her life jacket when underway. Uploaded by Zippig.


CoCo Enjoys Florida Sunset
Photo taken by tgshuler showing how much CoCo loves the Florida sunsets. (Photo uploaded by tgshuler.)

Ashley enjoying Colombia’s sunset

Ashley, our ship’s cat, is enjoying a typical sunset while we are anchored in Bahia de Cholon located along the Colombian coast just south of Cartagena. (Photo uploaded by bruadair)


She’ll follow them anywhere
Honey seriously considers cooling off with her boys! (Uploaded by jody)


Lake_weekend_cat_sailing_116 Darren Gerlach, Sailing Smith Mountain Lake Virginia. V.I.S.A Yacht Club. Photo uploaded by DarrenGerlach.

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