Piggyback Across the Sea

Specially designed freighters offer a comfortable alternative to traditional yacht transport

EMS Shipping & Trading, in cooperation with Peters & May (Southampton), is offering an alternative to traditional yacht transport. Specially designed freighters allow clients to "piggyback" transport their boats to their holiday destinations, relieving owners from the task of personally transporting their yachts and freeing up more vacation time. The company offers transport all across the world, whether it’s from Northern to Southern Europe, Transatlantic, or Transpacific. The journey can even start in your home berth and your yacht can be transferred to the shipping harbor by an experienced crew ready for sea transport. This service is especially useful when travelling to areas where transporting heavy loads over the roadways is not possible. Fast transport overseas also saves the owners time-consuming transfer weeks. They can then enjoy their holidays to the full directly on location.

EMS Shipping & Trading is the only German shipping firm providing this kind of special transport, and is one of only two firms worldwide working in this market segment. The firm specializes in the transport of yachts on board freighters to all of the world’s destinations. Up to 600 yachts are transported all over the world each year.

Over 200 ocean-going vessels are available for special transport, making transport available at any time to and from countless harbors. The ships use their own cranes to gently load the yachts on deck. Depending upon the vessel, they can haul yachts of up to 500 tons in weight, 12 meters in width and 50 meters length out of the water and directly on board. The high capacity of the cranes is of particular advantage if a shipping harbor only has land or floating cranes with a low maximum load available. On some ships (dock ships) the yachts swim in and out as if it were a dock.
The company has developed robust cradles to ensure the yachts are stowed securely on board. Once a yacht is stowed, maintenance work such as anti-fouling coating or a motor check-up can be booked to occur during transport, saving time in the destination harbor and enabling a fast start to the holiday. All sailing yachts are transported with the mast in the upright position, so that the time consuming and costly work of de-rigging and rigging at the start and end of transport are not necessary.

The transport time from Northern Europe (Bremerhaven, Emden, Rotterdam and Southampton) to the Mediterranean (Gibraltar, Palma de Mallorca, La Spezia or Sardinia) is between eight to twelve days. A regular service of two departures per month from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean is offered. Beyond that, special journeys to other destinations worldwide are possible.

For more information contact EMS Shipping & Trading, Muhlenstrasse 70 a, D-26789 Leer, Tel: ++ 49 (0)491/92 81 50, Fax 92 81 515,
E-mail: info@emsship.de, Website: www.emsship.de.