The Rescue Stick by Mustang

"Gear and Gadgets" from our January 10. 2007 CW Reckonings


Mustang's Rescue Stick ($160, is an easy to use, throwable flotation device. To use, remove the baton-shaped Rescue Stick from its waterproof bag and throw it near a person in the water. Once it hits the water it inflates in seconds to a large horseshoe shape with twice the flotation of a typical life ring, 35 lbs.

The Rescue Stick can be thrown accurately 100 feet or further (depending on who's doing the throwing). It's also easy to repack and reuse: just insert a new bobbin and screw in the replacement handle containing the CO2 cylinder. And because it measures 14-inches long and weighs 15.5 oz., the Rescue Stick will stow easily on the pushpit, ready for an emergency.