A Sailing Rap

No need to take yourself too seriously. Peter DiLalla's sailing rap hits the nail on the head.

Maine native Peter "DJ Lalla" DiLalla loves music and teaching kids to sail. Combining the two, DiLalla came up with this clever rap to help kids remember sailing basics. Here he is, with backup by Omar Davis.


When you begin to sail there's a lot to learn
knots, safety and nautical terms;
the front is the bow and the back's the stern
the port is left and the right starboard.

Let's talk about the parts of the boat,
you sit on the hull it makes you float.
The big white sail is called the main,
the little one in front, the jib's the name.

The ropes attached are called the sheets,
hold them tight in your hand or secure it to a cleat.
Depending on the direction of the breeze
adjust each sail accordingly.

Directly downwind, or "by the lee"
ease out the sheets almost completely.
The sails can fly on either side
but watch out here comes an unexpected jibe!

So hit the deck, here comes the boom!
When you tack or jibe it's coming over real soon.
Hit the deck, here comes the boom!
Lower your head and give it some room.

When you're on the water you should be aware
cuz the wind is changing every second you're out there.
Look to the left, here comes a puff,
the water's dark its got ripples and stuff.

Before it hits let me tell you what to do,
get into position and warn your crew.
We got a puff on the left, so be prepared,
just take a deep breath and don't be scared.
Get up on the rail and hike with me,
once the boat flattens out we can trim the sheets.

We made it through, its time to head back,
so duck your head cuz I'm about to tack.
Ready about, hard to lee,
I push the tiller extension away from me.
I hold it like that til the boom's across
switch behind my back I'm a boating boss!