Smoother Sailing with Imtra

Our editors have teamed up with the experts at Imtra to bring you advice on how to maintain and improve your boat’s systems so that you can get the most from your hours spent out on the water.

It goes without saying that sailboat owners love to sail, but there’s many a skipper who gets equal enjoyment out of maintaining a vessel so that it’s always ready to put to sea and a cozy safe haven in which to relax when the voyage is done. It’s hard to excel in the art of seamanship, after all, without a sturdy and reliable stage on which to perform. The editors at Cruising World have teamed up with the experts at Imtra to bring you Smoother Sailing, a place where you’ll find videos and articles dedicated to maintaining and improving your boat’s systems, so that you can get the most out of the time you spend out on the water. Not only will you find DIY tips, product recommendations and in-depth how-tos, you’ll also find thrilling tales of ambitious makeovers coupled with delicious galley-ready recipes and bucket-list destination stories. Read, sail, enjoy!

Imtra has been a leader in the recreational marine market for nearly 70 years.  Boat builders, boat yards and owners turn to Imtra for their quality brands and deep industry experience. From innovative LED lighting solutions to wiper systems, windlasses, thrusters, helm chairs and more, Imtra has the equipment and expertise to create a complete system solution.

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Keeping Electrical Systems Healthy

Check out the comprehensive range of switches and outlets from Vimar with Imtra’s lighting product manager, TJ Orr.


Close-Quarters Boat Handling


3 Common Causes of Noisy Thrusters

Is your bow or stern thruster too loud? Whether your thruster has been noisy from the day it was installed or if it just started getting louder over time, here are three factors that contribute to noise, and ways to solve them.

Check out Imtra’s expansive range of Side-Power bow & stern thrusters with product manager Peter Nolet.


Imtra’s California Sales Manager, Dick Davidson, shares the pros and cons of horizontal and vertical windlasses.

The Hands-On Sailor

Cruising Life

Brady Trautman

YouTube’s Sailing Stars

Dreaming of having a popular YouTube channel to fund your cruising life? These sailing video bloggers show that it takes lots of hard work, dedication, and some luck to make it happen.

Cruising Recipes