Summer Love Salad

This recipe fell out of the cupboard on a roly-poly passage and became a favorite. "People and Food" web special for January 2009

September 24, 2009

Summer Love Salad 368

Janet Hofmeyr created this recipe under way with only seconds to get the contents out of the cupboard.

My husband, Robb Butler, and I sail our Monte Video 43 out of Cape Town, South Africa. This recipe was invented on a roly-poly sea. Although we were sailing wing-and-wing, it was very rocky down below. Socks and dish towels were stuffed everywhere to stop the rhythmic rattles, so I only had one chance to open the cupboard and fridge without their entire contents spilling out! This was the result.

1 can tuna, drained
1 can butter beans, drained
20 pitted Kalamata olives
20 green olives with pimientos
1 – 2 cups feta cheese, crumbled
12 cherry tomatoes, halved
Juice of one lemon
Olive oil, to taste
Salt and pepper, to taste

Combine first six ingredients in a salad bowl. Splash with lemon juice. Add a few good swirls of olive oil, salt, and freshly ground pepper, to taste. Serve with French bread.


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