Third Video Contest Winners: Rising of the Moon

An eerie Irish ballad ushers in the shimmering moonlight in Foster Fanning's contest-winning video.

May 13, 2008

Although the field of submissions to CW‘s third member video contest was ripe with monkeys, sharks, rays, and birds, the star of the winning entry was an inanimate object– the moon, actually. With a mystical Irish ballad playing the soundtrack, Foster Fanning’s “Aquila, Rising of the Moon,” follows the crew of a small cruising boat for a delightful day and night on the water. The judging panel included associate editor Kitty Martin, online business analyst Lisa Julius, and web editor Michael Lovett.

(Click each screenshot to watch the video)

First Place


Contributor: Foster Fanning
Title: “AQUILA, Rising of the Moon…”
Foster Fanning’s Description: “Sailing on Aquila afternoon through moonrise”

Judges’ comments: “The soundtrack to this video features the Irish ballad “The Rising of the Moon,” which, according to Wikipedia, was originally written about the Irish Rebellion of 1798. The lyrics tell of rebels scrambling to get their pikes together before the rising of the moon. In the less violent context of Foster Fanning’s video, the song helps narrate the action taking place on screen–the crew of a small boat squeezing every last bit of enjoyment out of a day on the water before the rising of the moon. I think it makes for a wonderful cruising vignette.” -Michael Lovett

Second Place


Contributor: svmoose
Title: “Duncan’s Head and the Monkeys”
svmoose’s Description: “We stayed in the dinghy when we went to see these monkeys on Linton Island, Panama (Caribbean side). Some time before us a woman got bitten by one of them…..they are nice to see, but can be wild 🙂 Ella, a 4-year-old, saw this movie on our iPod over a hundred times and gave it its title….”

Judges’ comments: “The element of surprise was ever-present, because I never knew what the monkeys were going to do next. This video really gave me the feel of being in an exotic, otherworldly place.” -Kitty Martin

Third Place


Contributor: tdreffin
Title: “Raving Rays”
tdreffin’s Description: “Yacht Scud surrounded by jumping rays in the South Pacific.”

Judges’ comments: “I liked the action of the rays leaping from the water andthe exotic locale.” -Lisa Julius

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest.


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