UCM1-3.5: Compact Genset Won’t Cramp Your Style

The UCM1-3.5 generator by Next Generation Power Engineering provides a practical offshore power solution for small cruising boats

August 4, 2006


Next Generation Power Engineering’s UCM1-3.5 provides plenty of power in a compact, easily accessible unit. Next Generation Power Engineering

Due to space constraints, having a generator on smaller sailboats is rarely possible. Next Generation Power Engineering’s UCM1-3.5 may solve the problem. Measuring just 30 by 18 by 16 1/2 inches and weighing only 200 pounds, this genset should fit aboard even the smallest cruising boat. Operating at 2,800 rpm and providing 3,500 watts of power, the UCM1-3.5 generates less noise, vibration, and wear than a traditional generator. By opening two clasps, users can remove the front-enclosure panel to get to service points for the oil drain, oil filter, drive belt, fuel filter, fuel pump, heat exchanger, zinc anode, and generator end. A Kubota diesel engine powers the genset and on average consumes .1 to .2 gph. With a good fiberglass sound-attenuating enclosure, you can probably even operate it in a quiet anchorage and not upset your neighbors. Fire up the blender and the air conditioning, and you might even make some new friends! The UCM1-3.5 diesel genset with enclosure costs $5,600. Contact Next Generation Power, .


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