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Sailboat Chartering 101

Sailboat Chartering 101 is a directory of worldwide fleets, reputable companies, brokers, services, including a how-to guide and itineraries for sailing vacations.

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Charter Sailboat Directory
Whether your destination is Belize or Baja, the Caribbean or California, the Mediterranean or Maine, consult the Cruising World directory of sailboat charter companies and sailboat charter brokers to help you get there.
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Types of Sailboat Charters
Charters fall into two distinct categories: fully crewed—the boat you charter comes complete with a captain and a crew, and bareboat—you’re the captain, and your family and friends make up the crew. Both styles offer distinct advantages.
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How to Choose a Charter Company
Check out our tips on what to consider when choosing a company for your sailing vacation.
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Sailboat Charter Qualifications
Are you ready to charter a sailboat on your vacation? Cruising World's charter guru Elaine Lembo breaks down the qualifications you'll need.
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Sailboat Charter Destinations and Itineraries
Not sure where to go on your sailing vacation? Check out Cruising World's tips on how to pick the best sailing destination and itinerary.
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When to Charter: Seasons, Sailing Conditions
Cruising World breaks down how to choose the best time for a sailboat charter vacation.
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Why You Should Charter
The notion of sailing an unfamiliar boat outside of home waters can provoke lots of questions.
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How to Plan a Sailboat Charter
Cruising World explains how to plan a charter vacation, including boat type, cost, getting there, provisioning, contracts, paperwork, and what to pack.
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The Web, E-Deals and Last-Minute Offers
Visiting company websites is a great way to educate yourself about fleets, boat availability, destinations, rates, and special deals before you make your decision about which company to use.
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Owning a Charter Sailboat
Charter skipper David Kilmer shares insider tips on how to be a good charter boat owner, and how to decide whether it's the right decision for you.
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Put a Boat in a Sailboat Charter Fleet
How do you pick a sailboat to put into the charter trade? Here are some suggestions.
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Role of a Charter Broker
Steve McCrea, president of Ed Hamilton & Co., shares the role of a charter broker with these tips for finding the best crewed charter vacation.
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