Living Aboard

Living aboard a boat may not be for everybody, but for those who do, it can unlock a waterborne lifestyle full of exciting new adventures and a unique set of circumstances. From waking up every morning with a beautiful waterfront view to realizing that your “home” is wherever you roam, trading in the landlubber life for one on the water can be freeing.

Ben Zartman

Of course, the liveaboard lifestyle doesn’t come without its challenges. While your world becomes bigger, moving from a four-bedroom house to a 40-foot boat means everything else becomes smaller, from storage to sleeping quarters, and while it’s easy to fantasize about the idea of living on a boat, actually doing it requires significant preparation, technical savvy and a willingness to learn and adapt.

Here, you’ll find helpful stories and tips for anyone living (or considering embarking on) the liveaboard lifestyle, to make your home on the water as manageable as it is rewarding.

Food & Entertainment


A Perfect Cold-Weather Meal

This one-pot meal warms the bones when the weather won’t cooperate, and is a great make-ahead dish for offshore passages.


Going Bananas

What do you do when all the bananas onboard inevitably ripen at the same time?


Long-term Boat Care

main cabin

Sailing Totem: The 40-Year Refit

In the midst of our massive 40-year refit of our Stevens 47, Totem, we’re still dreaming: Do we want to make the changes needed to fly a Code Zero?


Upgrades for a Circumnavigation

Halfway through his latest circumnavigation, Webb Chiles made several upgrades to Gannet, his Moore 24, to make the rest of the journey safer and more comfortable.

Original teak slats

Forward Cabin Makeover

Eager to get rid of dark wood and old vinyl, this do-it-yourselfer found a cleaner and brighter way to finish the v-berth.

refits and upgrades

Deck Upgrades

The latest chapter in our ongoing series about the complete overhaul of a classic-plastic Pearson 36.

Sailing Totem

Liveaboard Lifestyle


The Gods Must Be Angry

“It’s a double-edged sword with pagan deities: When they’re happy, they send you a friendly current or lift you around a cape, but when they feel slighted, these old gods will ruin your day.”


Do It Yourself

Family Cruising

Ben Zartman

Simple Systems Aboard

This sailing family decided to forgo many of the common systems aboard modern cruising boats to keep things easy and affordable.

Bahia Chamela

Cruising in Quarantine

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a young family takes a break from long voyages and finds joy staying put in a small bay in Mexico.

Hall family

Fun in the 2019 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

For over three decades, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers has been a part of the transatlantic experience for sailors, and the destination—St. Lucia—the launching point for tropical cruising dreams.